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  • foglalas@melba.hu

Is your family longing for a delicious, quality meal?

Stay home and order from Melba.

Due to the current situation unfortunately, there is no possibility for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the port while eating in our cozy restaurant.
However, we have composed a menu from which we are sure that you can find your favourite dish.

We provide home delivery for those aged 65+. Naturally, it is free of charge.

You can order from 10am-7pm by either calling us, writing us an email, or by knocking on the front door of our restaurant.

We take the ordered food to Marina grocery store located on Danubius street.
You do not have to wait for long, home delivery will be available for all soon.


  • Asparagus cream soup 2.000.-
  • Hungarian bouillon in richly 1.350.-
  • Ceasar salad with chicken stripes 1.900.-
  • Caesar salad with shrimps 2.300.-
  • Green pea soup with pork stew 1.450.-
  • Hunter’s stew with friable beef neck and spaghetti 2.200.-
  • Crispy duckleg with batata 2.300.-
  • Hamburger with pommes frites 2.300.-
  • Fish and chips 2.200.-
  • Chicken breast stuffed with smoked smearcase and bacon 2.300.-
  • Salmon steak with baked pasta 3.000.-
  • Springlike fresh letcho with baked hand of pork 1.800.-
  • Braised onion steak with potato steak 1.900.-
  • Fried chicken breast with rice and peas and mayo 1.700.-
  • Pork stew with rice and pickled 1.700.-
  • Hungarian Sponga Cake 900.-
  • Poppy seed noodle with blueberry jam 900.-
  • Call us and have your food delivered to your home: +36 30 161 0162