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We wish to create a tradition of themed evenings, with moody atmosphere and the guidance of our chef. An event like this, cooking together with one of Hungary’ best Chef, helps anyone getting deep knowledge of cooking, serving and being a nice and gentle host.

food5 800x600Themed events are mostly asked by groups of friends, colleagues and foreign visitors. Melba restaurant opens its doors to welcome any demands, with which our guests come up. I is our pleasure! Feel free to write to us, ask questions, reserve a date and take a seat. Let’s experience our moody restaurant and community, as everyday cooking can be a colorful addition to anyone‘ s life!

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We opened

our restaurant as part of a residential area. Our future driven interior with dark walls and black&white furniture were planned to be unique and individual – from our guests feedback we know our plan came reality. Our “loud” style is still a leading one in Budapest. Through our giant glass windows anyone can have a magnificent view on the yacht harbor on river Danube. Our menu and weekly refreshing Chef’s offer meet all and even extra expectations of our returning and new guests from all around the word. We are proud of our wine selection, furthermore our cocktails are main ingredients of countless glamorous parties. One of our specialties is the option of having a ship cruise with a Budapest sightseeing on river Danube – Families are more than welcome through the week and weekends, as child service and animators are part of our team.


Food from all around the World


International food creations and domestic specialties live togeher in perfect harmony on our menu.

Custom Wine Selections

Apart from our basic selection of wines we belive to be special with serving international vinyard wines form all around the world.




Melba Restaurant

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